Vin og Bobler is specialized in importing fine French wines to Denmark. More than French wines from different areas, we have a strong expertise in wines with bubbles: Champagne. Our ambition is to be recognized as a reference for the quality of the wines we are bringing to the Danish consumers. We have indeed built over the years close relationships with winegrowers having a strong reputation and they have trust us to sell their wines on the Danish market. While our focus is to sell to professional, we believe that everyone who had a nice experience tasting a wine in a restaurant or bar should be able to the purchase this wine.


Living in France for years, the selection of wines is the result of years of tastings, visits to winegrowers, advices from some of the best French sommeliers… The wines we have selected express their “terroir” through limited yield, sustainable growing and non-interventionist technics in the cellar. The wines must exhibit balance, finesse and have a personal identity. They are indeed produced on small estates by passionate craftsmen who are artists dedicated to produce high quality wines that reflect their own personality. We should never forget that fine wines come from exceptional quality grapes. Finally, we are not focused on fancy names or appellation like Grand Cru. Our focus is to find the wines that will provide a great experience. As a result, they are almost all of them sold to Michelin stared restaurant around the world and benefit from the best critics from the wine specialists.


We are strong believer that it is possible to offer the best quality wines at a reasonable price. We indeed want our customers to benefit from the best experience and get no bad surprise for the price they paid. It is possible because we are importing all our wines directly from the producers and we have the exclusivity on the Danish market.  There is no middle man or agent or big structure behind that will impact the final prices.


From the winegrower to the end customer, we take great care of the bottles to ensure the quality of the content. We arrange fast direct deliveries from France to Denmark with specialized companies and we store our wines in a dedicated warehouse with the right temperature. All the wines are stored in Denmark and available for immediate delivery without minimum quantities.