At www.vinogbobler.dk you can order wines through our webpage.

You must be 18 years old to shop at www.vinogbobler.dk

 In order to make a purchase on www.vinogbobler.dk, you must go through 5 steps.

  1.     Find the article(s) you wish to purchase and put them in the shopping basket. Then go to the register.
  2.     Type your personal information.
  3.     Choose form of payment.
  4.     Approve our trading conditions.
  5.     Make sure that all information is correct and approve the amount.


All prices are per bottle in DKK and include 25% VAT and applicable duties and taxes. We reserve the right for typos, sold out articles, tax changes and price- and currency changes. 

Order confirmation and invoice 

When we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. We ship the invoice and delivery note with the article.


Return of articles 

According to the Consumer Contracts Act beverages are not included by return Policy. Read more about this in the provisions of the Consumer Contracts Act chap. 3, §5, par. 3 point 4.

Anyway, at Vin og Bobler we offer our customers 14 days right of return on undamaged goods.

Always contact us by e-mail, before the article is returned! The article must be returned in the same condition and quantity as delivered. If the article is returned you pay for it yourself. The article must always be returned in suitable packaging. Ship with it a copy of the invoice, and we will transfer back your money to the credit card or account, which you used at the purchase.

Please notice! We do not receive packages sent C.O.D. or the like.



According to the Sales of Goods Act you always have 24 months of warranty when you shop at www.vinogbobler.dk. Though, the warrenty follows the natural durability of the article. The right to complain presupposes that the article has been kept and handled correctly. The complaint must be exerted as soon as possible, and without delay. Hereafter, Vin og Bobler will consider the extent of your complaint.

In all cases the warranty lapses after 2 years. 

If the article is damaged, or if there is a discrepancy between your order and the articles delivered, this must be notified at once to Vin og Bobler. 

All complaints and other inquiries concerning the above are to be send by e-mail to mail@vinogbobler.dk.



In order to make a purchase on www.vinogbobler.dk you must register with the following information:



Postal code and city

Phone no.


 The personal information is solely used in connection with your order. The personal information are registered at Vin og Bobler, and is kept for five years, whereafter the information are deleted. 

When personal information is gathered through our website we ensure, that it is always by your explicit consent so that you are informed precisely about, which information is gathered and why. 

Only the owner of Vin og Bobler, Susanne Russell Rasmussen, has access to the information registered about you.

We do not keep customer information encrypted.

We do not transmit customer information encrypted.


Information given to Vin og Bobler is not, in any way, disclosed or sold to third party, and we do not register any information sensitive to your person.

By enrolling to the newsletter we register your e-mail address. The e-mail address is not passed on to others.

 When registered at Vin og Bobler you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to access, which information is registered about you. These rights are according to the personal Data Protection Act, and inquiries on this are directed to Vin og Bobler by e-mail mail@vinogbobler.dk

 Credit card information is encrypted for the PBS.