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  • Nathalie Falmet

    Nathallie Falmet is one of the rare women being a champagne winegrower and the only one who is oenologist. After helping more than 30 domains in Aube, she took over the family estate in 2000 and decided to release her first champagne in 2009. Her philosophy of grape growing, winemaking and wine aging is the healthiest ever, for the respect of nature, certainly, but also for pure quality and unparalleled wines. She is committed to maintaining low yields and believes quality cannot be achieved without a devout dedication to working the soils.  She picks for ripeness and vinifies her wines separately according to aromatic profiles.  Constant tasting during vinification, sometimes up to three times per day, helps her understand the aromatic and flavor spectrum that her wines span over time.  She seeks balance, power, delicacy and terroir definition in her wines.  She is, in fact, a Chablis drinker after all!  The relative warmth of the region supplies her wines with a natural breadth and depth, coupled with the racy, mineral undertones afforded by the kimmeridgian limestone bands found in the soils throughout the region.