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  • Eric Rodez

    Eric Rodez, who assumed the helm himself in 1984, is the eighth generation in his family to produce champagne. Before working on the family estate, he first gathered experience in Alsace and as a cellar master for Krug. This period laid the cornerstone for the elements that make his champagne exceptional today: an almost unparalleled mastery of the intricacies of assemblage. To really bring out the minerality and almost sensuality, he has also moved into biodynamic production for now 8 years. In addition, he has embraced aromatherapy essential oils in the fight against diseases such as mildew. Eric's aim to be as nature-friendly as possible was recognized by his receipt in 2012 of the Haute Valeur Environnmentale (HVE) certificate which covers not just organic farming but also biodiversity and water management on farms.

    Date founded1757
    RegionMontagne de Reims
    Surface6,1 ha
    Nb. of bottles45 000
    Grappes39% Chardonnay - 61% Pinot noir
    Average age of  vines43 years
    OrganicCertified organic & Biodynamic (Demeter) & HVE